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I stood on the dance xhamster milf pad and awaited the agony I put myself in. I watched as she set difficulty to xhmaster standard mode on her behalf. I, of course, was on beginners mode. It wasn't until the music began that I was grateful for this. After xhamster videos one xhamster video song, xhamsterlive I was winded. Hailey's face was red, but it was obvious that she was xxx hamster very good at the game and used to the workout. I began to wonder how much of her free time she spent at this particular https //xhamster.com machine. The game was cheesy, the people in the arcade were dorks, the room was sweaty. Then I thought, "who cares?" I would have roamed the earth for her in a xxx xhamster toga and platform heels. She was my world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." - Franklin P. xhams Jones ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Holy xhamster spanking shit. I thought you died or something. Where in the hell have you been?" I hamster tube chuckled xhamster femdom as my friend Holly harassed me, having been about two weeks since I had an intelligent www.xhamster.com conversation with her. "I've been around. Just busy with this stupid shit Hunter's got me doing," I replied as xhamster odir we sat down at the lunch table. Holly free xhamster raised an eyebrow at this, curious to find out www.xhamster.com what was xhamster com going on. "What shit?" She asked. "He's got me assistant coaching JV Softball. I'm hoping they'll give me my scholarship porn xhamster back by doing all this boloney." Holly nodded just to act like she cared. It porno didn't take long for her interrogation to start again. "Kristy said she seen you with some freshman girl the other day. What's that all about?" My eyes became large. People were nosier than I thought. "She plays on JV. Her name is Hailey. She is really nice." "You're not fucking her, are you?" Ha. "No, I'm not fucking her. Jesus Christ, what the fuck is going on around this school? Can I xhamster porno not be friends with somebody who has a vagina?" "Not when you're an open lesbian, you can't." "She doesn't even know I'm gay," I said. I watched Holly's expression do a three - sixty. "She doesn't even know you're a lesbo? What the fuck, Amy?" I looked over at my friend, getting irritated. "That doesn't change anything." "Amy, yes it does. You like the cooter. You're gay. That means that she is open market hamster porn for mature xhamster you. That changes *everything.*" Protesting was not an option. I was rudely interrupted. "Oh," Holly added. "I was on the phone with Linda and she xhamster/ asked me about you the other day. I told her you found somebody else because I assumed you and the twelve year old were xhamster xxx doin' the nasty. Now you're making a liar out of me." I shook my head at her. "You're something else," I said with a xha strange face. "And she's not twelve, she is fourteen." "Oh man, better watch out. She is catching up to you. When you're collecting social security she xhamster. com may be legal to drink." I threw my xhamster geschichten milk at Holly with a smile. What a bitch. "There is nothing going on," I argued. Holly rolled her eyes. "You'll be fucking her in the next couple of weeks, I guarantee." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We were at my house after practice, watching xhamster xxx Golden hamster sex Girls. It had become one of my favorites since I started talking to xha Hailey, who was being quiet again xhamster odir today. I asked her what was wrong a couple of times, but got no xhamster jepang response. That is why I was pretty shocked when she spoke during a commercial break. "Promise me you're not going to forget who I am after June 3rd," she said. I glanced over at her with a strange expression. "What in the hell are you talking about?" I asked. Hailey's face was becoming red. It looked like she was about to start crying. So this is what the problem was. At that moment, I knew what I had gotten xh myself into. I didn't know if she felt love in the same way I did, but my heart broke right then and there. There was no way in hell I would mature xhamster forget who she was. xhamsters "Promise me you're still going to be my friend," pleaded Hailey. My heart was beating faster and my eyes were burning. As her tears began to fall I was attempting to fight off my own. "I'm always going to be your friend Hailey...I'm not going xhamster deutsch anywhere." Feeling my heart break was undescribable. The pain I endured could never have been put into words. The only reply I could make was a promise. A promise that no matter what happened, I wasn't going anywhere. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- hamster porno "How can you be in love with a girl you've only known for two months?" My mother could be a real bitch sometimes. And this, this was one of those times.. "I should xham have never even said anything to you..." I was just looking away, regretting what I thought would be an intelligent decision. People say that you should always involve your parents. Well, people suck. My xhams mother looked over with https //xhamster.com/ fury. "Dammit Amy, the girl isn't even fifteen years old." "Thank you captain obvious. I wasn't aware of that." She looked over at me again, not amused by my commenting. To be quite frank, I really didn't give a shit. 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There were so many times xhamstercom I just xhamsters wanted to stop talking to her, try and move on. She didn't know how hard it was to look xhamster odir at the person you love porn and just act like everything was okay. But it wasn't. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Something's wrong with your mind...It won't think of me anymore." - Default's "All that She Wrote" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watching television at xhamaster Hailey's house was quiet, boring, dreadful. I had so many things to say to her, but admitting porn xhamster my love was just...not an option. Not at that moment anyways. There was something about her during the time that was strange. She was distant again. "You're pretty quiet again. What's up now?" I asked. Why did she have to do this? Watching her act like this was just taking a toll on me. Didn't she know how much she was breaking my heart? "Nothing, just watching t.v." free porn Her reply was lifeless and plain. It was moments like this when her real age did show. We had sat for another ten minutes in silence, even through commercials. I tried bumping Hailey's side, x hampster poking her playfully. She got mad and pushed my hand away, yelling at me to xhamster indian stop. "Wow...What is your fucking deal?" I was getting angry now. This was becoming a routine, and I didn't want to consider moments like these normalcy. "Nothing, I'm just trying to watch T.V." I got up and grabbed her hand. I refused to spend another minute rotting xhamster.com on the couch. Even though she was bitching and moaning, I got her outside and into my car. "Where the hell are we going? My house isn't even locked!" I began driving fast in the camaro. REALLY fast. We were headed on the expressway and I was xhamsters videos doing at least eighty miles an hour. It wasn't xhamster porn until Hailey said something fifteen minutes later that I noticed the speedometer over 110. "Would you slow down maniac? What porno hamster the hell are you doing?" I took the next exit, still not commenting. I was frustrated, tired of playing games. xxx hamster I didn't care what happened anymore. I did slow down, but only because we were back on the main roads. I was familiar with xhamster. the x hamsters area. We were about thirty five miles away from home, in a rural town. I drove around for about another five minutes and picked a spot near the lake to park. Still xhamster japan not commenting, I turned the engine off and looked down. "What are we doing Amy? Do you realize xhamster hd that my mom is gay xhamster going xhamsters.com to be home soon? I didn't even ask xhamster .com to go anywhere, my door isn't locked. What the hell is going on? Why and what are we doing here? There isn't even anything around..." I looked Hailey in the eyes and x hamster my heart started fluttering. This feeling came over me I didn't even know how to describe. I wasn't thinking, but I did it anyways. I leaned over and kissed her mouth. Her lips were soft and smooth. I had never tasted anything so rich and sweet. It felt unbelievable...for about five seconds. After those few seconds was when I felt the strong hands push me against my seat. "What are you doing?" I looked at her, not really knowing myself. My mistakes xhamster de and errors began xhamester rummaging through my brain a mile a minute. "I'm in love with you," I admitted. It was strange that forty minutes ago I said something to myself xhamster de and just completely disregarded it. I specifically remember "proclaiming my xhamsters.com love today isn't xhamster porn a good idea" floating around xhamster photo in my xhamster gay xhamster jepang brain. Why is x video it that I never listened to my subconscious? I watched Hailey take a deep breath. Her beautiful face was cringing, and it was then that I realized I hadn't just made a mistake. I had made a disaster. "What, nothing to say?" I asked worriedly. She just looked over at me for a minute. "I really should have seen this coming," She then said. "Marcy hamsterx told me that you were gay or something. I guess I should have listened to her." My heart fell. At that moment I realized I hated x hamester society. Hailey always seemed like the girl who grew up way too xhamster tube fast, destined for great things. She was the nice and beautiful person who knew how to make you smile, the girl who never stopped talking once you got to know her...I never knew that self absorbed and close minded needed to be added to that list. I always had a vision of Hailey being something different. I never expected her to let me down like this, to act so cynical. She never seemed like one to follow society, but to follow her heart I didn't get it. This was the same girl who cried on my shoulder because I was graduating. The same girl who tickled me and playfully wrestled with me hamster tube on her couch almost seven days a week I started the camaro up, not talking again. Hailey was still sitting in the passenger seat, her hand over her face. It was a quiet car ride home. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Life is waiting for you. It's all messed up, but we'll survive." - Our Lady Peace's "Life" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arlene Johnson's eyebrow raised as her daughter sat at the kitchen table, xham quietly toying with her food. She was well aware of her daughters strange behavior, but didn't know what to quite think of it. She had never had serious issues with xhamster japan her messy room, or constant TV watching, but this she did have a problem with. She had xhamster. a serious problem with her daughter living in silence sixteen hours a day, seven xhamster stories days a week. "Alright, you've been quite like this for a week now. What's going on Hailey?" She looked exhamster back up at her mother, not saying much of anything. She felt xhamster deutsch it wasn't a freeporn matter that xhamster femdom concerned her. She just shrugged. "Not much to say, I guess." "Where is xhamster.com Amy?" Arlene knew what was going on, she wasn't ignorant. She paid plenty of attention to her daughter. "Who cares?" Well, that explains some of it, she thought. "Well, you must. You've been a mute for a week. That's the only thing that I can see has changed, besides your room looking like a tornado xhamster. went through it." "Don't worry about it mom. It's my problem." Hailey pulled out her chair from the kitchen table and began to the front door, most likely going for a walk. Arlene sighed, not really knowing what to hamsterporn do as her daughter closed the door behind her. Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 06:45:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Scott Cameron Subject: Effective Therapy Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic sexual language and actions between males. If material of this nature offends you, xhamster geschichten or it is illegal in your xhamster live jurisdiction for you to view it, DO NOT READ any further. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between real people or events is purely coincidental. As this is fiction, safe sex practices are not always followed by the characters, but should be by you. Please send your comments to scooter_fictionyahoo.ca Jason found it a bit odd that he felt nervous at a massage appointment. After all, he was here mostly to deal with stress. www.xhamster His third-year exams were coming up, and ever since x hamester elementary school he had "not tested well", as his guidance counsellor used to say. Exams overwhelmed him. He couldn't sleep, so he xhamster mobile was too tired to study, which made him more anxious, which kept him up. He had managed to get by so far on the strength of his term work, which was superb, x video but exams were approaching again. "Damn, Jason, I love you like xhamter a brother," his roommate said one night, "but your exam thing drives me nuts. You toss and turn all night, you freak out, and x.hamster if you sort your books one more https //xhamster.com/ time I'm going to lose it." "Nick, I'm really sorry, I've never been able xxx hamster to relax about exams." "I've told you before - go see the xhamster sex RMT over at the athletic centre." hamsterx "I don't need massage," Jason complained, "I don't have any pulled muscles." "Dude, I go all the time because of xhamster football, but it's not just about xhamster hd muscle strains. Lots of people go just to relax." Finally he'd made an appointment. Jason's feelings for hamster Nick had developed over xmaster.com the three years they had roomed together, first in hamster.com residence mature xhamster and now in their own place off-campus. His early crush had turned into a one-sided love affair, which Nick xhamster pics responded to with xhamster .com naive butt-slapping xxxhamster friendship. Nick went through girls at a staggering x-hamster rate - they hung xhamster free out at the football field and threw themselves at his muscular, tough-guy persona. Jason watched, wanting something more for his roommate. Wanting something hamster xxx more for himself. So for Nick's sake he had called the athletic centre, and now, two days later, he found himself sitting xhamster in the waiting area staring at a xhamster stories pamphlet about acupuncture. He just hoped he could find some inner calm before prepping for tomorrow's economics final. "Jason?" The voice from xhamster/ the doorway was deep and resonant, an "FM radio voice". Jason looked up and hamster x saw a tall, tanned, muscular guy, late 20's, standing with a clipboard. He was wearing a white xhamster.com T-shirt that clung to his torso, and white cotton pants with a drawstring waist. He clearly worked out at a gym - the arms were not xmaster.com thick but lined with muscle, one bicep wrapped around the clipboard. His stomach was tight, and tapered up to xhampster broad pectorals topped by broad, rounded shoulders. Jason could see at least one ridge of abdominal muscle under the shirt. xhampster.com He wore his hamster sex hair long, almost to his shoulders, and had highlighted the brown with hamsterxxx some light blond streaks. "Are you Jason?" Jason realized that he had been staring, open-mouthed. Shit, this wasn't what he was expecting at all. How was he x hamster going to relax around Captain America here? "Oh, yeah, that's me," xhamster jepang he stammered. "Sorry, I'm xhamsters videos new to this." "Well, I think you're going to enjoy it. I'm xmaster xhamster milf Luke." The smile was easy and relaxing. They shook hands. xhamster lesbian Luke had strong xhamster photo hands, hamster xxx no doubt a product of his work. "Come on in this way." Luke xhamster pictures led the way into a small room which was dominated by a massage table. The lighting was turned low, and there was some quiet music coming from a boom box in the corner. Sounded like flutes and guitars drifting xhamaster around a tune. The room smelled of spice, but what exactly Jason had no idea. On a cart off to one side were a number of appliances. There was no window and only one other doorway, a curtain covering what hamster looked like a small cupboard. The big table in the centre was heavily padded, and covered with sheets. The room was very warm and everything was earth-tones. xhamster lesbian Luke closed the door behind him, and Jason suddenly felt nervous, in this small room and not at all freeporn certain what was going to happen next. He realized that he'd been looking xmaster for exits. "Please take your clothes off and put them on that chair. Get on the table, x master under the top sheet, and lie on your front with your face in the head restraint over there." Luke xhamster vintage moved to the small table xxxhamster and began working www xhamster.com with various bottles, x-hamster his back turned discreetly. Jason had an immediate problem. Should he leave his boxers on? What did people do when they were xhamster mature getting xhamster mobile massaged? "Er, Luke, should I take off everything?" He hamsterxxx felt a little foolish. "As much as you're comfortable with. You'll be covered xxxhamster up at all times. The more you take off, the easier it is for xhamster indian me to work certain muscles." That didn't help as much as he'd hoped. xhamster mature Jason took off his sneakers and socks, then jeans and t-shirt. porno hamster He hesitated then, looking at himself in the mirror. It would be a number of years before he really appreciated being 22. With relatively little work his body stayed in great shape. His abs weren't ripped, but a six-pack was visible under a little softness. He had very little body hair xhamster free porn except a light coat on his arms and legs. The hair on his head was thick and dusty brown, and he kept xhamster porno it spiked just a little. Sure he wished his calves were a bit more muscular, his chest a bit broader, his arms a little more, well, a little more like Captain America over there. But while competitive swimming didn't build huge muscle, it xhamster desi sure kept him trim. Glancing to xhamster milf see that xhamster mobile Luke was still turned, he chucked xhampster off his boxers, noting that next time he should remember to wear a pair that didn't have holes. Then he climbed on the table https //xhamster.com and xhamster sex under the sheet. "All ready over there?" asked Luke. "As ready xhamster granny as I can be," replied Jason. The table was really comfortable. He was face-down, his head in the padded, circular restraint. Every part of his body was supported so he could relax completely. He couldn't see anything except the floor below him, so he could only hear Luke moving around. A warm hand touched his back, hesitated, moved to a new spot, hesitated. "Is there anything in particular that's bothering you free xhamster Jason? Anything you'd like me to spend extra time on?" Yeah, thought Jason, I'd like you to help me get my roommate www xhamster.com to go out with me. Don't think that's xhamster indonesia what xhmaster he means. "Nothing in particular, no. I'm just really stressed about exams." "Say no more - we get a lot of that this xhamster desi time of year. I can definitely help." That voice was incredibly soothing, Jason thought. This guy could put you hamster.com into a coma. hamster x He felt the sheet being removed from his back and folded over his butt. "And I'm going to be using some massage oil, so don't be shocked." Suddenly Luke felt warm, slippery hands massaging his upper back. The sensation was incredible. The hands worked his muscles with incredible skill, kneading and smoothing, pulling www.xhamster and stretching. Periodically they would detect a muscle knot, and Jason would flinch, and Luke would dwell on that spot for a while, working it free porn out. xhamster free The hands got warmer, almost hot, as his back melted into them. Jason grunted periodically, but otherwise they were silent, and Luke quickly got into a regular, hypnotic rhythm. After ten minutes or so, Jason felt something else. His hands were down at his sides, and the table xhamster vintage was just wide enough for him to lie on, so his xhamester arms and hands ran along the edge, xhampster.com supported xhamster femdom but slightly overhanging. xhamster pics Periodically as he worked, Luke's thigh would contact Jason's hand or arm. At first it was clearly accidental. Then Jason noticed that the contact seemed to be happening more frequently, and lasting a second xhamster mom or two longer each time. Of course, it could simply be that Luke x.hamster was leaning over more to reach his mid-back. porn But even the thought that it might be deliberate caused Jason's cock to thicken slightly under him. He couldn't move his arm away, trapped as it was, but xhampster.com he found he didn't want to, either. Luke had been working his way down, and now his magic hands were massaging and kneading Jason's lower back. Periodically he would move up onto the gluteals, then return to the small of the back. Sometimes he x.hamster used xxx xhamster his fingers to squeeze up along the muscle tissue, sometimes he used his whole hand to spread the muscles outwards. Jason found it intoxicating. He was more relaxed than he'd ever xhamster categories been. Thoughts of exams had completely fled his mind, and moreover, when he thought about not thinking about them, he still didn't freak out. Incredible. Luke's hamster porn thigh had now made permanent contact with Jason's left arm, and even stroked him gently as Luke's body moved while he worked. Jason rotated his arm a couple of times, to make it obvious that it was there and see what happened. When nothing changed, he started to push back ever so gently against the hard thigh. Luke turned slightly, xhamster granny and Jason noticed with a start that he was now pressing against a firm cock. He debated with himself whether that was true, or could it be something else? No, it was xhamster tube definitely a semi-hard erection behind the white cotton pants. Jason's breathing became slightly laboured, and his own xhamster videos cock ached as it tried to grow xh between his xhamsters belly and the table. xhamstercom Luke moved down his body, and Jason felt let down that the cock had moved away. Was it over? he wondered. He felt his left leg bent xhams at the knee, and his foot was placed against the broad chest. Luke started a long kneading action down his leg from ankle to knee, working the x master calf muscles. Jason loved it. gay xhamster He loved even more being close to this strong, warm body. The physical contact made him feel cared for. He realized that this is what RMT's xhamster. com DO, this is what x hampster he was paying for, but it didn't matter. He was just going to enjoy it. Luke finished the left calf and moved to hamster xxx the right. After a few minutes he placed Jason's leg down carefully xhamster categories and moved back alongside. "Okay, Jason, I'd xhamsterlive like you to turn xhamster live over on your back now. I'm going to hold the sheet up, and you roll away from me. As you do, try to slide down so your head is on the table." This produced Jason's second uncomfortable moment of the session. He was still hard. Not rock hard, but definitely swelled. When he was lying on his x hamster.com back it would be clearly obvious. Then he thought, he does this for a living, I'm sure he's seen other male patients get a little excited before. Fuck it. So he rolled over, and Luke repositioned the sheet. xhamster pictures Jason could feel his erection clearly outlined by the cotton xhamster material, but xhamster photos Luke had the grace to ignore it. The cool xhamster mom air, and the thought of Luke seeing him made his xhamster spanking cock swell completely. Not only that, he could feel a small porno xhamster wet spot under his butt where his precum had been leaking out before. The big man walked behind him and removed the head restraint from the table. Then he gently touched Jason's shoulders and chest with that same touch, wait, move action from before, like he was getting acquainted with the body beneath him. Luke moved back to Jason's legs, and started in on his hamsterporn quads. Kneading, pulling, melting again, the muscles giving site xhamster.com xhamster in willingly to his strong hands. He positioned himself at Jason's side, and the younger man once porno xhamster more felt a warm, slightly furry thigh against his hamster porno hand. Jason's prick bounced, and more precum oozed out x hamster.com the exhamster head, puddling on his abs. He slowly moved his hand behind Luke's leg, freeing it up, and he stroked gently up and down, making clear his interest, wondering if now Luke would stop him. Instead, xhamster gay Luke's hands got ever higher, moving slightly closer with each repetition porno to Jason's crotch. Jason felt that knot in the pit of his stomach, that one he got when he knew something exciting was about to happen, like reaching the top of the roller coaster. Eventually Luke's fingers brushed across Jason's balls, and that lightest touch was enough to make him gasp. Luke did it again a moment later, a bit site xhamster.com xhamster more deliberate this time. Then he just stayed on the nuts, gently touching and stroking them, xhamster photos before reaching up and xhamster japanese sliding his warm, oiled xham hand up Jason's hard shaft. Jason had xhamster video never felt anything hamster porn like it. The x hamsters anticipation, the lead-up, the sense of security, it all came xhamster live together, and absolutely nothing had ever made xhamster japanese his cock feel like Luke did right now. Never in his wildest jack-off xhamter session had he produced the sensations he was now xhamster/ feeling. The hand behind Luke's leg moved up and grabbed the man's ass cheek, holding on firmly while his body quivere