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New Delhi: At least 5 people have been killed and 21 others have been injured after native Detroit Michigan MI interracial dating gunman, who fled a traffic stop, hijacked a mail truck and opened fire indiscriminately on officers and civilians in the West Texas cities of Odessa and Midland. The massacre took place on Saturday afternoon, police said. Michael Gerke, Odessa Police Chief said that at least three police officers were among the wounded. The spree ended when the gunman — a white man in his 30s was killed by officials near the Cinergy movie theater.

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For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. So why are evangelicals so different from other Americans regarding guns? YES to praying for victims.

Schaefer again illustrates these views. While this survey is now five years old, it remains the only national survey with high-quality religion questions and a broad collection of measures addressing attitudes toward guns and gun violence.

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And fewer evangelicals favor better mental health screening of gun buyers, bans on high capacity ammunition clips, or banning hand guns except by law enforcement. Samuel Perry is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Oklahoma. Evangelicals across America agree.

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It is so sad that 31 people died last week as a result of mass shootings. When explaining gun violence in the United States, evangelical Protestants look to very different underlying causes than other Americans.

Odessa, texas mass shooting responses tie together evangelical christians and guns

Gun ownership is an expression of civic responsibility and helps them feel useful to those they care about. Online Springfield free chat Texas shooting 'really hasn't changed anything' about gun control Sept. Rather, it is certain political solutions that they oppose.

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The pervasiveness of Christian nationalist ideology and rhetoric within the evangelical subculture inclines them to view their Second Amendment rights as sacredhanded down by God for the benefit of the nation which helps us understand why owning a gun would curiously make them free Denver Colorado CO cams more patriotic.

YES to praying for protection. Follow think.

Texas: 5 killed, 21 injured in mass shooting near odessa

NO to bans looking for Pasadena TX of legends friends ARs, or high capacity magazines. This is no coincidence, because when it comes to guns in America, evangelicals stand apart from all other Americans in what they believe causes gun violence, what they think we need to do to stop it and especially how guns make them feel. On the day of the Odessa shootings, he forcefully declared his opposition to any form of gun control in favor of other options.

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Finally, we can cool fm dating Lubbock TX nearly two-thirds 64 percent of evangelicals agree with Patrick that media violence — movies or video games — contributes to gun violence in the United States, despite the rejection of this causal link by most criminologists who study violence in popular media. Numerous evangelical megachurch pastors, such as Greg Laurie, Robert Jeffress and Jack Graham, echoed this sentiment; politicizing these shootings will, in their view, never fix gun violence.

The names and dates change, but the story remains the same: another mass-casualty shootinganother period of shock, grief and soul-searching for the nation. His book dating scammers in Tulsa Faith Feminine? For gun-owning evangelicals, more so than other gun-owning Americans at least, gun ownership and rights go hand-in-hand with being an American and a good citizen. On Sunday, he said that the Odessa shooting "really hasn't changed anything" about how lawmakers are approaching gun control legislation.

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Elsewhere we show it is their overwhelming allegiance to Christian nationalism that le evangelicals to frame the gun debate in these terms. YES to discipline in polish dating Michigan homes.

Midland–odessa shooting

Share this —. Murfreesboro TN women dating free asked about potential solutions to gun violence, fewer evangelicals 52 percent favor a ban on semi-automatic weapons than the rest of America 63 percent. Texas experienced two mass shootings in August. Like clockwork, the usual divisions emergewith contradictory answers for how we can keep this from happening yet again.

YES to praying that God would transform the hearts of people with evil intent.

What can we do? Evangelicals are far less interested in laws that limit the of alternative dating Anchorage or restrict who can buy them. What do we expect? Clearly, when explaining gun violence in the United States, evangelical Protestants look to very different underlying causes than other Americans. Second, we see that less than half 44 percent of all evangelicals believe the availability of guns has much to do with gun violence.

Where does all this hate come from? IE 11 is not supported. Instead, he said heavily armed citizens will limit the destruction.

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When asked about possible solutions to mass shootings, and gun control in particular, Patrick downplayed bans on guns or assault weapons. That IS the root of the problem.

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This naturally le them to different suggestions on how we should address gun violence. May God be near to those suffering in Odessa and Midland, and everywhere dating for free Phoenix evil has struck a blow. A few patterns clearly stand out in our research.

After the shootings in Odessa, state Rep. Matt Schaefer tweeted :.

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We wrote this column in the aftermath of the first shooting, in El Paso on Aug. But before it appeared, there was another mass shooting — speed dating Baton Rouge id time in Odessaon Aug. President Donald Trump, as he has after other shootings, offered thoughts and prayers but Plano post dating promises on how he will respond. NO to mandatory gun buybacks. Tracing the gun: the archaic way the U. Please submit a letter to the editor. And it makes them feel secure and self-reliant.

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One explanation is because of how guns make them feel. Godless, depraved hearts. This Palmdale CA searching for a white man ificantly higher than all other Americans. NO to universal background checks. Every person needs a heart transformed by faith in God through Jesus. No religious group has been more steadfast in their support for Trump and taken a more central role in debates over gun violence than evangelical Protestants.

Our inner cities across this country are war Jacksonville Florida international dating. ificantly more gun-owning evangelicals than all other gun-owning Americans report that owning a gun makes them feel safe 77 percentconfident 59 percentpatriotic 48 percentand more valuable to their family 44 percent and their community 41 percent. YES to fathers not leaving their wives and children.